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Ανθρώπινο κεφάλαιο

Communication & Information Technologies Experts S.A. is an enterprise activating in the area of CIT services and solutions. It has been founded on June 2007 in order to provide an umbrella for hosting a number of diverse yet interconnected expertise of its members and collaborators, under a legal entity. Under the form of Société Anonyme (Anonymous Corporation), the corporation aims to exploit this concentrated expertise in the area of Communications and Information Technologies (CIT) not in the direction of obtaining a market share through product lines, but rather in the direction of bringing high quality innovative solutions and highly focused expertise to its clients and the public, in general.

Our two-fold business orientation covers innovative, rapid implementation of cost-effective solutions for companies and organization in the sectors of Finances, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Government services and highly specialized consulting services in the fields techno-economics and CIT system design. Major activity areas include: Large-Scale Information Systems Analysis and Design Technoeconomic Analysis and Evaluation of Telecommunication Systems and Services Management and technical ICT Consulting Highly Specialized Software Solutions Design and implementation IT Systems Quality Validation Evolving established methodologies to the state-of-the-art and beyond, via certified expert partners in every sector of activation, is our commitment.