Inspect is a research project funded through the NSRF program Research Create Innovate. The main objective of the project is the design, development and certification and operation of an Integrated Solution for Critical Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance (INSPECT) using UAV equipped with optical and infrared sensors for data collection, analysis and evaluation by qualified inspectors.

The processing and evaluation of the collected aerial information will be done through specialized software developed for the needs of the project. The ground-based analysis system will use intelligent data fusion data processing (image/video/infrared) algorithms to provide optimal mapping to qualified technicians to assess results and identify the status of the under review infrastructure .

The INSPECT System focuses on the inspection and control of the status of infrastructures by providing through the collection of high-precision data with UAVs using sophisticated sensors and through the use of data analytics tools, to provide by special inspectors an integrated picture of the situation of a critical infrastructure. Having the assessment of the dynamics of wear, such as gravity, corrosions and other critical structural damage, critical infrastructure is managed more reliably to make the right decisions.


ALTUS LSA (www.altus-lsa.com)

AdMeS (Advanced Mechanical Services, admes.gr)

CITE (Communications & Information Technologies Experts Α.Ε., www.cite.gr)

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