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ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 Certifications

CITE provides ISO9001:2015 certified services in the following fields:

  • Software and information systems' analysis, design and development.
  • Management and execution of Communication and Information Technologies projects.
  • Information Systems' deployment, maintenance, training and technical support.

CITE implements a Quality Management System that covers the company’s entire range of activities and more specifically:

Provision of services for development, analysis and designing of software and information systems-management and implementation of information technologies and telecommunications projects, as well as, provision of installation, maintenance, training and support services on information systems.

CITE’s Quality Policy aims to fully satisfy the quality requirements, needs and expectations of its clients and is as follows:

“CITE is consistently oriented in achieving the principles of Quality in all its activities. Within the context of applying those principles, the company tries to exceed the demands of its clients, suppliers and employees, as well as, all those that are influenced by its operation aiming for operational excellence.

Recognizing that the staff, is the most valuable ingredient in a successful company CITE seeks to develop stable relationships of trust and to create good business practice and cooperation among the executives of all the company’s departments. At the same time, the company seeks to strengthen team spirit, providing motivation for performance improvement.

The company treats all of its suppliers and associates as an integral part of its wider workforce, aiming at ensuring relationships of mutual benefit and long-term cooperation.

The treatment of our customers consists mainly of their satisfaction through:

  • Measuring the recording of facts and characteristics, which identify gaps and trigger improvements,
  • Immediate and effective response to their needs,
  • Management of Complaints – suggestions systematically recorded, related to the operation and services offered by the company,
  • The provision of services that meet their requirements and are in accordance with the relevant legislative regulations and European standards.
  • Continuous updates on new technologies and their implementation.
  • Expansion of our activities abroad and collaborations with other companies – organizations within Europe.

All departments of CITE have the responsibility to respond, assimilate and implement the procedures required by the Quality Management System, through their daily activities after they have been notified by the administration of the Quality Policy and the sub-goals.

The Quality Policy is a COMMITMENT to the administration of CITE, which is PROMOTED to the company, creating an environment where everyone can contribute to the achievement of its goals. "

It is also responsibility of the administration to ensure that the Quality Policy is applicable, in view of a continuous, stable development of its business activity, its commitment to its principles, offering its customers high level of products and services.