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A desktop application in your own browser! Cloud applications offer tremendous possibilities, and organization administrative applications are to benefit greatly. Cloudroll is a cloud based application which utilizes advantages of this nature, and comprises of pure desktop application features as well as web application ones. Since it is being delivered through a browser interface, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world!

Just use your credentials!

This means that you have complete access to the overall features of Cloudroll not only in your office, but also from the comfort of your home! You can even check out anything you want from any device while away! No more time-wasting! Cloudroll you will not spend another minute of your precious time for downloading, installing or upgrading procedures. Updates get implemented on the spot, from our own team, relieving you of any concerns on the matter.

You just enjoy!

Scale at your own will! You can increase the licenses acquired for your organization with just a couple of clicks. You can decrease them just as easily! Cloudroll is as flexible as you want it to be, in just a fraction of the price and time!