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Navigator White

CITE's Navigator (White) is a Location Based content delivery system that turns a smartphone into a tourist guide or an audio guide. The application is offered in branded and unbranded forms, where allowing you to bring in your own brand and enjoy your own release of Navigator with your own dedicated content. The system allows creating rich descriptions of points of interest (POIs) with multimedia content, and present the content onto a smartphone on demand or when in physical proximity to a geographical location.

Additionally one can design routes that lead the user into explorating particular facets of an  area.Among the features of the platform are:

  • iOS and Android native application versions
  • Backend web application for management of Points of Interest, Routes and multimedia content
  • Ability of (optional) preloading of content onto mobile devices for elimination of network costs
  • Fully off-line operation (without maps) when preloaded content exists
  • Notifications when approaching at points of interests
  • Special functions/UI for acting as a voice guide
  • Support of text, image, audio and video content
  • Routing (Navigation) options (on-line only, via google maps)
  • Organizing assets into routes
  • Multilingual content (several languages concurrently)