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H2020 EarthServer 2 Project Launch

5 years 7 months ago
H2020 initiation

The H2020 EarthServer 2 Project has been launched in April 2015. CITE is participating EarthServer 2 as one of the core technology providers covering the fields of WCPS2.0 query language definitions and extension as well as several enabling technologies.

EarthServer-2 makes Agile Analytics on Big Earth Data Cubes of sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data a commodity for non-experts and experts alike through

  • navigation, extraction, aggregation, and recombining of any-size space/time data cubes;
  • easy to install & maintain value-adding services extending the existing portfolio of data and compute centers;
  • based on open standards, in particular: the OGC Big Data standards and the forthcoming ISO SQL/MDA (“Multi-Dimensional Arrays”) standard.