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GreenWaterDrone is a research project funded through the NSRF program Research Create Innovate. It is about an innovative CWSI system for the focused and real-time management of irrigation needs of crops with high water requirements.

It is based on the use of unmanned flying drones equipped with the appropriate equipment for the direct measurement of foliar temperature with spatial accuracy that can be dynamically adjusted to the density and heterogeneity of the crop and used in real time via wireless networking irrigation planning and crop monitoring. Its advantages are the measurement of temperature from a short distance and the efficient and low-cost coverage of large areas and the sending of this data to a satellite.

The implementation team of the GreenWaterDrone research project consists of the following partners:


CITE is the coordinator of the project and will provide the core IT technologies for realizing the project's objectives, handling the storage of data coming from aerial and ground sensors, execution of the crop models, and delivery of information to the producers via numerous channels.

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