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Open Science Lens

A browser plugin to resolve, locate and explore Open Science content while browsing, through OpenAIRE Research Graph. 

Open Science Lens delivers an innovative technological approach to empower Open Science and bring the information residing on OpenAIRE data infrastructure at the reach of scientists and citizens. Its components deliver a set of instruments that allow web users to easily locate and explore information of relevance to Open Science when navigating in the web. Additionally, it allows site owners to easily integrate such information in their offerings, enriching user experience with easy to consume information coming from one of the flagship infrastructures of Open Science, the one of OpenAIRE. To do so, Open Science Lens exploits the modern rich APIs of OpenAIRE infrastructure, and relies on common browser and web technologies to assure wide reach of its offering.


Open Science Lens browser extension provides direct, contextual, access to information linked to what you are browsing, be it publications, projects, calls, datasets, researchers, research topics etc., collected from various data sources and different repositories by OpenAIRE.