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Software Development Outsourcing

CITE is a specialized software house with a long experience in implementing software products or projects under the outsourced software development model. We can handle the entire lifecycle of product / project execution, starting from requirements elicitation, reaching to system maintenance and administration. Our task force includes senior ICT consultants and software engineers in commercial and research projects under a number of technologies. As of Nov. 2015 CITE involves approximatelly 30 software engineers, with expertise that covers a wide range of technologies. CITE's human capital consists of highly educated individuals.

100% of S/W Engineers are holding or are in the progress of obtaining a highest education degree, while more than 40% holds or is in the process of obtaining a Master's degree.Platform-wise CITE has two main lines of software production:

  • Oracle's Java Platform
  • Microsoft's Windows / .Net Ecosystem (mainly C#)

Most of CITE's senior engineeres are fluent in both technology stacks and can lead or follow projects in both domains. Subgroups within the development teams are fluent in:

  • PHP (applied in predominant market platforms)
  • Mobile development (native iOS and Android applications)

Besides the main ecosystem technologies, the following technologies are applied, where applicable:

  • Relational databases (MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • No-SQL databases (mongoDB, hbase, rasdaman)
  • Distributed processing platforms (Spark, Hadoop)
  • Geo* technologies (GeoServer, Open Layers etc)
  • Web UI technologies and frameworks (Bootstrap, jQuery/jQueryUI, HTML5, Angular JS etc)
  • Image processing (watermarking, retouching, reshaping etc)
  • Full text indexing (Lucenne, Solr, Elastic Search etc)
  • Text extraction (tessaract etc)
  • Semantic data management technologies (Jena, Tematres etc)
  • Portals (Liferay, Drupal etv)
  • Security-related Protocols (SAML 2.0, OpenID, OAuth etc)

CITE covers all infrastructural needs of projects' lifetime, such as:

  • Project management
  • Ticket management
  • Code Versionning Management
  • Build and release infrastructure
  • Testing infrastructure
  • Pre-production infrastructure

To fulfill those tasks CITE employs a large, secure, fully virtualized infrastructure covered by several licensed software platforms where applicable (including MS SQL Server, Windows, Active Directory, MS Exchange etc)