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Operational Program financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)





  • Cloudroll

    A desktop application in your own browser! Cloud applications offer tremendous possibilities, and organization administrative applications are to benefit greatly. Cloudroll is a cloud based application which utilizes advantages of this nature, and comprises of pure desktop application features as well as web application ones. Since it is being delivered through a browser interface, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world!


    CITE.BPMS is a complete software platform that allows an Organization to create a reference point for organizing, managing and monitoring its business processes. CITE.BPMS integrates the functionalities required to manage a process executed by a business unit, from the beginning to the completion of its operation and archiving. By adopting an open data model and up to date interoperability practices it adapts perfectly to an organization’s needs for interconnection of existing and future information systems and integrates smoothly into the set of systems that serve it.

  • Open Science Lens
    Open Science Lens

    A browser plugin to resolve, locate and explore Open Science content while browsing, through OpenAIRE Research Graph. 


    ARGOS is a service that is integrated within the OpenAIRE platform and is freely offered for use through the OpenAIRE Service Catalogue and the EOSC Catalogue. It is an open extensible service - available as a standalone service (OpenDMP) and as a OpenAIRE service (ARGOS) - that simplifies the management, validation, monitoring and maintenance of Data Management Plans.

Panos Brinias

During the last 4 years, CITE has been proved a valuable partner in two projects we worked with, in the area of parliamentary twinning projects. The first of them was the Parliament of Servia and our Hellenic Parliament twinning project. That project aimed to increase efficiency, liability and transparency of the Assembly of the Republic of Servia in the EU integration process. CITE developed and hosted the collaboration platform for this project, and supported it during the entire project period of two years in an excellent way. A second collaboration began on 2017 for a similar project for the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, which is still active. Both partnerships have had an excellent response and support from CITE. Moreover the original platform development improved on the second project according to technological progress and design philosophy. In conclusion, CITE is the best partner to work with in every single detail.

Panos Brinias , Engineer in European Programs Implementation Service of Hellenic Parliament / Dept for Program Monitoring