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UniverCITE Ce.L.L.

The solution to all Life-long Learning Center's challenges

UniverCITE Ce.L.L.

A solution to meet all challenges of a Center for Life-long Learning.

  • Compliance with current institutional framework.
  • Reduction of administrative costs.
  • Speeding up processes.
  • Harmonization with modern technological imperatives.
  • Enhancing consistency and validity of information.
  • One system, unlimited interconnection possibilities!

8 Functional subsystems

UniverCITE Ce.L.L. consists of 8 functional subsystems,with unlimited application possibilities fit to the needs of each application of the solution:

  • Learners' Registry: It starts with the submission of requests to attend courses by the interested individuals and keeps the information of the learners for each study cycle, constantly informing them about the status of their outstandings isues. It offers to the supervisors the tools for approving applications, monitoring the educational and financial obligations of the learners, as well as the issuance and performance of their digital certificates and the generation of statistics.
  • Educational Programs' Management: Through this subsystem, the Educational Programs are submitted by supervisors, modified and approved according to the the processes and requirements of Lifelong Learning Center and the legal framework around it. It feeds the Cource Management subsystem's Study Cycles and can also feed the Center's Online Presence subsystem with the relevant information.
  • Cource Management: Manages educational subjects, their organization into courses, the declaration of prerequisites for registration and completion of studies, as well as the connection with diplomas and financial data.
  • Online Presence: The information of all the Educational Programs is displayed in a structured way through a public website, which is the entry point for the rest of the Center's systems, and mainly the Learners' Register.
  • Educators' Registry: In the Educator's Registry, prospective educators apply for selection, submitting their required information electronically, along with evidence of their academic and professional qualifications, and the Center processes the information to select educators according to its criteria and requirements, and finally compiles the Registry.
  • Management Information: An independent Management Information subsystem undertakes the task of export, display and distribution of statistical data, in a graphical or structured way, for the needs of informing the management and supervising authorities, as well as the Quality Control processes of the Center.
  • Payment Management Interface: The subsystem interfaces insitutional financial services to allow the Learners Registry to issue course charges and be informed about the payments of those as well as to deliver the respective documents to their beneficiaries.
  • Asynchronous Distant Learning: A specially adapted version of eClass to suit the needs of a Center for Life-long Learning and automate the the management of educational material in text, image or video format, the execution of interactive exercises, the monitoring of the educational process and the recording of learner performance.

Security as a priority

UniverCITE Ce.L.L. is implemented with safety in mind at every level. Based on frameworks and implemented with a development technique applied to high-security infrastructures, with a number of immutability safeguards, it minimizes the risk of breach of privacy and validity of the information it manages.

Guaranteed results

With vast experience in academic and educational processes as well as high security information systems, CITE innovates in every application area offering solutions of proven reliability. At the same time, CITE stands by the Center at every step of the implementation of its solution, resulting in guaranteed success.
UniverCITE Ce.L.L.  it has been tested in the most demanding conditions and has stood up to the challenges!

A framework of services

UniverCITE Ce.L.L. it is accompanied by a breadth of services that support its selection, indicativelly being:
  • Adoption, implementation and integration support and consulting services.
  • Technical installation and configuration services.
  • Executive training.
  • Adaptation to the needs and special conditions of the Center.
  • Maintenance and support services.
  • Continuous evolution and harmonization with legal and institutional framework.

Provisioning options

Get UniverCITE Ce.L.L. with the provisioning model desired by the Center.
  • On Premises: Installation of all services in the infrastructure of the Center or on cloud managed by the Center.
  • On Governmental / Educational Cloud: Placement in governmental or educational cloud computing infrastructures, managed by CITE.
  • Software as a Service: Provided by CITE in a private or public cloud computing infrastructure.

Ask for a demo TODAY!

If you represent a Center for Life-long Learning contact CITE today to obtain access credentials so that you can have the opportunity to see UniverCITE Ce.L.L. platform in action, for one (1) month without any further commitment.
Specialized CITE staff will perform a demonstration of the platform, so that it can be used and evaluated by its executive representative.
Contact us through the relevant form for more information.
* The possibility to use demo areas is offered for a limited time and depends on the availability of resources.


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