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CITE.BPMS is a live system implemented in cutting edge technologies and contemporary styles. It makes selective application of the microservices model where a multitude of functions offered by independent subsystems operating in their own context and communicating through service interfaces but choosing to do so where the boundaries arise effortlessly and without doing so at the expense of efficiency and homogeneity.

As for the user interface, which is fully web-based, it uses the latest web application templates to make it possible with any modern web browser, while implementing the modern Single Page Application model, with universal use of AJAX, which gives the interface a sense of responsiveness given by the usual desktop applications.

It is compatible with mobile devices as well as various display devices, applying responsiveness techniques and good interface practices that allow it to be used efficiently and through touch. It is optionally offered at different WAI accessibility standards compatibility levels. The implementation style is implemented both at the interface level and at the service level of the system, with the universal implementation of the Model View Controller (MVC), standard, in a way that fully supports the automation of system testing (testability). CITE.BPMS is based on the following technologies:

  • Microsoft DotNetCore
  • Angular 8 Microsoft SQL Server (optional functionality with PostgreSQL)
  • Tessaract
  • Elastic Search

and many other open source technologies.