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Results that involve EarthServer

  • xWCPS 2.0 Seminar

    xWCPS (XPath Enabled WCPS), is a Query Language (QL) defined in the context of EarthServer 2 Project aiming to merge two widely adopted standards, namely XPath 2.0 because of its capabilities in XML (common metadata form) handling and WCPS's raster data pr


    The Federated Metadata Management Engine is a schema-agnostic metadata management engine. FeMME is designed to provide storage and query capabilities over a wide range of metadata formats from multiple data sources.

  • Horizon2020 - EarthServer 2

    EarthServer-2 is a Horizon 2020 project that makes Agile Analytics on Big Earth Data Cubes of sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data a commodity for non-experts and experts alike through:

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