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Junior/Experienced/Senior Java Developers

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Job description

The positions target software engineers of all seniority levels (Junior to Senior), with knowledge or experience in a range of technologies that include Java, Spring , etc. Highest education degree is a prerequisite for the position applicants.

Positions refer to Athens and Sparta branches, according to candidate's preference.

The following classes of positions are open, with the corresponding required conditions:

  • Junior Java Developers
  • Experienced Java Developers / Team Leaders
  • Senior Java Developers / Team Leaders


Position-specific qualifications and skills

  • Good knowledge of java spring framework is required.
  • Very good knowledge of SQL, practiced on a major RDBMS, is required.



  • Knowledge /experience in Angular, React, HTML5, JS is welcome but not required.
  • For Experienced developers the ability to lead teams is highly welcome.
  • For Senior developers, the ability to lead a java Software Unit is welcome.


Level-specific qualifications and skills

For Junior Developers:

  • At least one project on the technologies claimed (thesis, lab, personal, work) is required.
  • Highest education degree specializing on Informatics (Bachelor's or Master's) is required.


For Experienced Developers:

  • At least three (2) years of related professional experience is required.
  • Highest education degree specializing on Informatics (Bachelor's or Master's) is required.
  • Team leadership abilities are welcome.


For Senior Delelopers:

  • At least seven (7) years of related professional experience is required.
  • Highest education degree specializing on Informatics (Bachelor's or Master's) is required.
  • Experience in test design and management (stress, performance, security, verification) is required.
  • Experience in software quality assurance procedures and frameworks is required.
  • Team leadership abilities are required.


Additional required qualifications and skills

The minimum requirements for employment are as follows:

  • Fulfilled military obligations (for Greek male candidates only). 
  • Excellent written and spoken use of the English and Greek languages. 
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing. 
  • Ability to collaborate in small or large management and implementation groups. 
  • Problem solving skills.


Selected candidates will be subject to one or more tests to verify their skill level on technologies they declare to be competent in.


Other appreciated qualifications and skills

The following qualifications / skills are appreciated, if present, for all applicants:

  • Certifications in technologies of relevance.
  • Familiarity with additional technologies and software design and implementation practices.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.



  • Fixed salary that depends on experience and skills.
  • Extra rewards for productivity and diligence.


Job location

The following location options, which correspond to company branches, are available for employees to choose from:

  • Kessariani (Athens), Attiki, Greece
  • Sparta, Laconia, Greece


Procedure and terms regarding expression of interest

Applicants should submit their expressions of interest to the email address hr20210222jdev@cite.gr  having as subject the Name Surname (use of Greek characters is preferable if applicant's name is in Greek Language). Applicants shall also identify in the body of their application the class that their application is filed for, if classes are indicated in this text.

Regarding the procedure and the terms for expressing candidate's interest in a position, please read the related document that you can find here.

NOTICE: Submission of expression of interests assumes acceptance of the terms that accompany this announcement.

Technologies involved: